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I'm the Interior Designer behind Janelle Steinberg Interior Design. I'm also a wife, mother, social tennis player, candle connoisseur and an avid list maker. I like wine, pearls, rainy days, museums and houses. I craft and bake on the weekends in my college sweatshirt and yoga pants. During the week I balance my toddler's playdates, my businesses and working with my clients throughout the country, (not in said sweatshirt or yoga pants).

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Maison Classique
Maison Classique

{Inspiration Room} See-through Closet

· May 4, 2009

I realize that a see-through closet is not for the faint of heart. If one were not a naturally "tidy" person, possess the necessary organizational skills and the patience to carry out those skills on a daily basis...I would not recommend a closet like this. But for those of us who do embody these kinda obsessive and nit-picky talents super powers- this closet looks like heaven. A dream, even.

What I find funny is that this closet is loaded with cheapo plastic hangers, mismatched at that. (My closet is concealed- and I still match all of my hangers!) I love the bags all lined up in a row on the top shelf, I love seeing the colors & materials of the clothing, and I love the clean, expansive look of an exposed inside.

I love adore with all my heart glass doors for anything...the kitchen, the door to the pantry, bathroom cabinets that store towels, the refrigerator (perhaps my most favorite "exposed inside"), and I really, really love it in a closet.

My background in fashion has given me two unnatural appreciations: 1) I like seeing bags, shoes and couture (and everyday garments) on display or as part of a dressing room design because I consider them art; and 2) I feel a strange pull to make everything look like a lifestyle or fashion vignette fitting for a magazine (this usually happens in my mind, and not in physical form).

For example, if Miss N. Hilton were not featured in these fabulous shoes on this nice chair...I would perhaps have her open Birkin laying sideways on the chair, possibly a scarf hanging out of the drawer, a few pairs of Louboutins strewn about with their boxes in upheaval, a DVF dress hanging over the chair back, one of the closet doors open half way...and maybe even a coffee mug on the edge of the vanity.

This would all be "posed" to reinforce the idea that:

1) A fashionista lives here

2) A fashionista with great taste who wears current and classic fashion lives here

3) A busy girl left her dressing room like this after rushing out the door, possibly to some glamorous job, and she, too, couldn't decide what to wear in the morning

4) When this ideal glamorous girl isn't busy running out the door- she is organized and there is no doubt this mess will be cleaned up either by her or her staff to get her closet looking the way it does.

5) The fact that the space is custom designed says something, too- she cares about her house (in my opinion, the most important thing to care about in relation to personal style!).

You see how everyday things can carry so much meaning? This is part of selling a lifestyle- and this is how stylists, photographers, advertisers, art directors, etc. do it. And it works! I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to shoot my rooms in such a "real" way, but I can sure dream- it would be a lot of fun!

I didn't really have any intent other than to show this closet, which caught my eye from the March 2008 issue on InStyle. So please excuse my ramblings- I guess I just wanted to write!


posted by Kay Alessi

Janelle -

I love those closet doors - I am a total organized geek and have everything in my closet color coded - I would have so much fun with those! I too love glass cabinets in the kitchen - most of my uppers are glass. I have a passion for dishes so I love being able to see them through the cabinet doors - would be so fun to see all my fun clothes too.

posted by {Maison Classique}

Hi Kay!
So glad you love glass doors, too! People either love 'em, or hate 'em! I didn't know you had a passion for dishes....any collections you want to share?

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