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I'm the Interior Designer behind Janelle Steinberg Interior Design. I'm also a wife, mother, social tennis player, candle connoisseur and an avid list maker. I like wine, pearls, rainy days, museums and houses. I craft and bake on the weekends in my college sweatshirt and yoga pants. During the week I balance my toddler's playdates, my businesses and working with my clients throughout the country, (not in said sweatshirt or yoga pants).

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Maison Classique
Maison Classique

{Arch Style} Jack Arnold, Architect

· March 4, 2009

Do you know about Jack Arnold? Have you seen his work? He's a residential architect that has carved out a little niche for himself in the French County and Olde World style architecture arena...and I am a huge fan. I've noticed (for awhile now) he is running more and more ads in shelter publications, and he also has a few product lines out- so I'm sure Arch_ID minded people are catching the fever. If you remember back about a year, his personal home was featured in Veranda, too. I have the spread somewhere in my files (which I am noting to myself to go and find!).

After viewing many of his houses online and from his folio books of plans (see photos below), I honestly can't pick The One I like best. The hardest part of being an interior designer is "committing" to a home style for us (sorry, Mr. Wonderful- what I say goes!). Its hard to make a final style decision (both exterior and interior) when there are so many lovely choices for everything! Its easy to do for clients, but for me- when I can feel my emotional response to so many different styles- its really hard to pick just one (currently, we are stuck between American Federalist and Jacobean Tudor Revival w/ a bit of French Normandy flare). I want them all- even the stark modern spaces. I love them all.

Anyways, I digress. I do not know Jack Arnold, but maybe our two worlds will bring us together one day. Or maybe I will hire him as my architect one day, purchase an antique from his wife (I'm pretty sure she has a shoppe and does interior decor) or at least purchase his plans (and of course tweak them a little...I am pretty particular and I feel mass produced plans can only take someone so far, especially a classically trained designer who rocks space planning). But oh how I love his work. The character really jumps out at you...the rustic stone, the brick, chimney pots, shutters, and other details...enough to make a (very picky) designer like me very happy- even just to look. I heart Jack Arnold. Jack...if you are out there- I love your work! Consider me a patron in waiting. (I also say this about Derek Gores, the artist responsible for amazing collage portraits).


Go here to see his photo gallery. Really- go, now!

Go here to see his product line for architectural chimney pots.

Go here to see the house plan portfolios he offers....or, walk through the ones I have received as gifts from my mom- who is equally (well, okay, not equally) enamored with interiors and design.

The plan books come in different styles. Each folder has two components: a look book of each plan, and loose plans that relate to the look book. You get a rendering, photographs/details and the actual floor plan (not to scale) of each house. Really fun!



I just *love* Jack Arnold's work! If I'm ever able to build a home for myself, I'll head straight to his door.

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